Just one image: The Waldnaab

Once again cycling along this famous river – the Waldnaab. The Waldnaab rises at the Entenbühl, a small mountain (775m) on the German-Czech border. Up to the place of this photography, it has already taken in the Fichtenaab, which rises at the 865m high Ochsenkopf. A few kilometers to the south the Schweinnaab and later…… Continue reading Just one image: The Waldnaab

Just one image: Chapel

Small chapel alongside the Bockl-Radweg near the town of Floß – a beautiful bicycle tour on an old railroad track. Image made with Ricoh GR II In case you’d like to comment, it’s appreciated … and maybe, you want to visit my website or my flickr page too. So long … and thanks for all…… Continue reading Just one image: Chapel

The Calendar Files … 2021 … Crete

Oh man … just finished 2021 and here we went down onto the beautiful island of Crete. Another calendar, where all images were made by me with either my Olympus OM-2n with her wonderful Zuiko Auto-W 2.8/24mm lens or with my incredible Ricoh GR II (or an iPhone). The full image series is still to…… Continue reading The Calendar Files … 2021 … Crete

Olympus OM-2n with H.Zuiko Auto-W 2.8/24mm

Just leaving for a trip to Crete. Having the good old Olympus OM-2n with its H.Zuiko Auto-W 2.8/24mm lens with me. The OM-2n has recently been for a CLA at the OM-Labor in Frankfurt, Germany. The 24mm lens has a nice reputation and I’m keen to see how this combo fits. The camera will be…… Continue reading Olympus OM-2n with H.Zuiko Auto-W 2.8/24mm

Hiking the Haselstein and the Center of Central Europe

On this hike I carried with me three cameras – maybe I should stay at one per hike only, as weight is always an issue. The film one was a Contax G2 with its Carl Zeiss Biogon 2.8/28mm attached. I loaded a Kodak Ultramax 400. After the second image the camera stopped working due to…… Continue reading Hiking the Haselstein and the Center of Central Europe

Frankfurt in January

It was cold in January, but this did not stop us from walking through this beautiful city with so many nice places and inspiring perspectives … depending on where you go and what you (want to) see. This time I used two digital cameras. Number one was a Ricoh GR II with its marvelous 2.8/28mm…… Continue reading Frankfurt in January

Olympus OM-4Ti and Ricoh GR II

After having back the Olympus OM-4Ti from repair, I took it on a short trip to Frankfurt. Equipped with a Zuiko Auto-T 2.8/100mm and loaded with an Agfa Vista 200, I was keen to see, if the problem has been cured at the OM-Doktor in Hamburg.   … and here the right lens.   We…… Continue reading Olympus OM-4Ti and Ricoh GR II

Hiking the Burgruine Weissenstein

Between the years we were hiking to the Burg Weissenstein in the Upper Palatinates Stonewood Forest. During a snowstorm, in a winter wonderland, we found the Burg covered by an ice shield. This area is one of my favorite hiking regions during all seasons. All images were taken with the highly appreciated Ricoh GR II.…… Continue reading Hiking the Burgruine Weissenstein

Contax Aria and Yashica ML 2.8/24mm

A first film found its way into my Contax Aria – an Agfa Vista 400. As lens I used a Yashica ML 2.8/24mm. The Contax Aria is a beautiful piece of technology and one of the last SLR models from Contax. Technical specs can be found here, so there’s no need to duplicate them. And…… Continue reading Contax Aria and Yashica ML 2.8/24mm

Hiking along the Waldnaab

After Christmas A.D. 2017, with all its wonderful and exhaustive meals, we found time to hike along the small river Waldnaab. Waldnaab / Flutkanal, Ricoh GR II This time I collected a handful of black&white bark images – made with the Ricoh GR II – from trees lined up along the small river – or…… Continue reading Hiking along the Waldnaab

Hiking around Flossenbürg and Gaisweiher

The last day of the year A.D. 2017 we made a short trip to the Burg Flossenbürg. The small town is know for one of the KZ (Concentration Camp) during the darkest era in German history – the Nazi Era. This time however, we did not visit the KZ, but hiked down to the small…… Continue reading Hiking around Flossenbürg and Gaisweiher

Hiking the Waldnaabaue Tirschenreuth

Having a short break for Christmas in my Australian Adventure series, before finally entering the most creative city in Australia – Melbourne. Around Christmas I made a short trip to the the small town of Tirschenreuth and its world famous Waldnaabaue – a beautiful small nature reserve – in the Upper Palatinate. In this picture,…… Continue reading Hiking the Waldnaabaue Tirschenreuth