El norte de España – done

Referring to a former post started in June, I now completed publishing a fine series of black and white images of our trip back in 2016 through Northern Spain. You can find the full series here on flickr. In case you’d like to comment, it’s appreciated … and maybe, you want to visit my website…… Continue reading El norte de España – done

El norte de España

In spring 2016 I travelled to Northern Spain, visiting the Basque Country, Cantabria, Aragon and Castile and Leon. Flying to Bilbao and heading to our first location in San Sebastian, we made a stopover in Zumaia. The little town is nice … but more famous is its rock formation – The Flysch. The landscape is…… Continue reading El norte de España

Homeland – Amaryllis

That day the weather was cold but sunny – at least  in the morning. Sun was coming in through the large windows and gave some beautiful lighting. This Amaryllis is going on now since Christmas and it’s still not at it’s end. As I’m currently experimenting with a Sony A7R2 and old glass, I had…… Continue reading Homeland – Amaryllis