Hi, I’m Reinhold.

This tiny blog is circling around photography in some way or another. Photography I already learned long time ago back in the early seventies, starting with some cheap and basic camera gear.

Living here in Northern Bavaria in the Upper Palatinates, there is a wide range of landscape and nature to discover again and again and to ban on film or sensor (pun intended).

During the years I not only discovered analog photography, but also joined the digital age in its early days.

Over time I got a pretty small collection of cameras and lenses which you can discover on my other site. As I try to use one by one during the years, you can imagine that this is a – somehow – longer project.

Especially older analog gear is so fascinating – small mechanical miracles. My fridge is full of film – colour and black & white – to give all of them their chance.

If you want to see more of my pictures, you can follow the blog or check my sociel media links in the sidebar.

All images on this blog are made by me. If in rare cases I use other peoples images, I always try to credit them accordingly. I you find one of your images and you do oppose, please drop me a line so I will remove it immediately.

This is it for the time beeing.
So long … and thanks for all the fish.