Hi, I’m Reinhold.

This tiny blog is circ­ling around pho­to­graphy in some way or anoth­er. Pho­to­graphy I already learned long time ago back in the early sev­en­ties, start­ing with some cheap and basic cam­era gear.

Liv­ing here in North­ern Bav­aria in the Upper Palat­in­ates, there is a wide range of land­scape and nature to dis­cov­er again and again and to ban on film or sensor (pun intended).

Dur­ing the years I not only dis­covered ana­log pho­to­graphy, but also joined the digit­al age in its early days.

Over time I got a pretty small col­lec­tion of cam­er­as and lenses which you can dis­cov­er on my oth­er site. As I try to use one by one dur­ing the years, you can ima­gine that this is a — some­how — longer project.

Espe­cially older ana­log gear is so fas­cin­at­ing — small mech­an­ic­al mir­acles. My fridge is full of film — col­our and black & white — to give all of them their chance.

If you want to see more of my pic­tures, you can fol­low the blog or check my sociel media links in the sidebar.

All images on this blog are made by me. If in rare cases I use oth­er peoples images, I always try to cred­it them accord­ingly. I you find one of your images and you do oppose, please drop me a line so I will remove it immediately.

This is it for the time beeing.
So long … and thanks for all the fish.