Just one image: The Waldnaab

Once again cycling along this famous river – the Waldnaab. The Waldnaab rises at the Entenb├╝hl, a small mountain (775m) on the German-Czech border. Up to the place of this photography, it has already taken in the Fichtenaab, which rises at the 865m high Ochsenkopf. A few kilometers to the south the Schweinnaab and later…… Continue reading Just one image: The Waldnaab

Hiking along the Waldnaab

After Christmas A.D. 2017, with all its wonderful and exhaustive meals, we found time to hike along the small river Waldnaab. Waldnaab / Flutkanal, Ricoh GR II This time I collected a handful of black&white bark images – made with the Ricoh GR II – from trees lined up along the small river – or…… Continue reading Hiking along the Waldnaab