Just one image: The Waldnaab

Once again cycling along this famous river – the Waldnaab.

The Waldnaab rises at the Entenbühl, a small mountain (775m) on the German-Czech border.

Up to the place of this photography, it has already taken in the Fichtenaab, which rises at the 865m high Ochsenkopf.

A few kilometers to the south the Schweinnaab and later the Haidenaab join it and from then on the river is only called Naab.

The Naab has a total length of 197 km and it is the most water-rich left tributary of the Danube above Vienna.

Image made with Ricoh GR II.

Something that not everyone knows – at its mouth into the Danube, the Naab is wider than the second-longest river in Europe.

From the left, the Naab is joining the Danube river (Image by Google Earth)

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