Hiking along the Waldnaab

After Christmas A.D. 2017, with all its wonderful and exhaustive meals, we found time to hike along the small river Waldnaab.

Waldnaab / Flutkanal, Ricoh GR II Waldnaab / Flutkanal, Ricoh GR II

This time I collected a handful of black&white bark images – made with the Ricoh GR II – from trees lined up along the small river – or better, along it’s flood channel.

Waldnaab / Flutkanal, Ricoh GR II Waldnaab / Flutkanal, Ricoh GR II

As we were hiking this trail already many many times, taking a camera with you and perceiving the environment consciously is someting completely different. Seeing the differing structure of the barks on each tree – where you normally simply pass by – makes each of these trees … unique.

Just to mention:
Regarding this beautiful small river, even if the river Waldnaab is a small river by all means, at it’s estuary into the river Donau, it’s even wider (not deeper) than this legendary German river – as can be confirmed on Google Maps. River Naab is the beautiful dark one coming from the left, river Donau is the muddy one coming from the bottom right of the screenshot.

Screenshot from Google Maps

My trip to that estuary can be found here.

Enjoy 😉

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