Australian Adventure – I’m done!

These were the last images I posted in my Australian Adventure series, started long ago. They show two old classic Volkswagen in Fitzroy/Melbourne. It was our last day in Melbourne and Australia and so gives a good link to our next day flight back to Germany. The complete series can be found here on my…… Continue reading Australian Adventure – I’m done!

Australian Adventure – Melbourne Skyline

Our trip to the world’s end is nearing it’s finishing line. This time I have a couple of long time exposure night shots from Melbourne’s southbank over the Yarra River which show the full beauty of this fantastic skyline. As you know my dilemma, boths worlds look stunning – black&white and coloured. # Enjoy 😉…… Continue reading Australian Adventure – Melbourne Skyline

Australian Adventure IV – Melbourne

Coming to the final part of our tip to tne world’s end, we now entered Melbourne, a fascinating big city – Australia’s second largest. with nearly 10 times the size of Berlin (10000 km²:1000 km²) it hast around the same number of people living there – approx. 4.5 mio. This city is so colourful and…… Continue reading Australian Adventure IV – Melbourne