Granada, an Andalusian Miracle

This time we made a trip to Granada, the beau­ti­ful old town in Andalus, Spain. As dur­ing sum­mer time tem­per­at­ures are quite high — around 40 °C, we choose March to start, as there tem­per­at­ure is still mod­er­ate — around 18 °C.

All images were made with my work­horse Olym­pus OM‑D E‑M1 and the won­der­ful M.Zuiko 2.8/7–14mm Pro lens, which gave that spe­cial width to all images.

Besides a beau­ti­ful old city with so many corners to dis­cov­er, the world fam­ous Alham­bra is the main attrac­tion which — besides its inner beau­ties — also gives tons of amaz­ing views into the sur­round­ing landscape.

This city is always worth a stay, but now let’s see some pictures …


Inner palace parts of the Alhambra


View from Alham­bra down to Albaicin and Sac­ro Monte


Inner palace in the Alhambra


Pala­cio de Car­los V


Alcazaba in the Alhambra


View over the city onto the snow covered Sierra Nevada


The fam­ous mur­als of Granada


View from Mirador San Nic­olas to Alham­bra and the Sierra Nevada


View from Albaicin to Alham­bra and Sierra Nevada

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Australian Adventure — I’m done!

These were the last images I pos­ted in my Aus­trali­an Adven­ture series, star­ted long ago. They show two old clas­sic Volk­swa­gen in Fitzroy/Melbourne. It was our last day in Mel­bourne and Aus­tralia and so gives a good link to our next day flight back to Germany.

The com­plete series can be found here on my flickr page. The whole Aus­trali­an Adven­ture story star­ted in Novem­ber 2015, when I headed to a three weeks trip to the South East of West­ern Aus­tralia, the Tas­mani­an Island and … finally Mel­bourne. There were so many won­der­ful impres­sions, that I would not hes­it­ate to come back again … some day. It took me nearly 18 months to com­plete the review and post­pro­cessing of nearly 1000 images taken mostly with the work­horse Olym­pus OM‑D E‑M1 and its won­der­ful lens M.Zuiko 12–40mm PRO, sup­ple­men­ted by my iPhone 5s. 286 images found finally their way on my flickr page, some of them in col­our, some in black&white and some in both moods.

As writ­ten in the title, I’m done with the Aus­trali­an Adven­ture and I’m already head­ing towards the next series — North­ern Spain with the Basque Coun­try, Can­tab­ria, Asturi­as and Castile-Leon — where we trav­elled in spring 2016.

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Australian Adventure II

Hav­ing now nearly reached the middle of the photo review about my Aus­trali­an Adven­ture, I noticed that I have pos­ted a lot of cool views of West­ern Australia.

How­ever what is miss­ing — at least IMHO — is a bit more about those small towns we passed by on our trip. I just men­tioned them in my com­ments, but how do they look like?

This is, why I´m plan­ning to pause the major photo series — before head­ing over to the second part — and insert a short small-town-series first.

Check out on Flickr soon.

Besides the really amaz­ing photo series about my Aus­trali­an Adven­ture, I’ve learned many (some­times rather strange) things about this huge and far-away country.

First, in ancient times Aus­tralia has been the major Brit­ish pris­on camp.

Second, between 1901 and 1907 West­ern Aus­tralia build a rab­bit fence, to pro­tect itself from the huge rab­bit pop­u­la­tion. This fence(s) streched about more than 3.000 km. You can finde more about the fence(s) here on Wiki­pe­dia.

Third, in 1932, West­ern Aus­tralia fought an Emu War — true and unbe­liev­able! Aus­trali­an Mil­it­ary was sent out to kill the immense pop­u­la­tion of Emus, which caused huge dam­age on wheat har­vest. You can finde more about the Emu War here on Wiki­pe­dia.

Enjoy 😉

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