Australian Adventure II

Having now nearly reached the middle of the photo review about my Australian Adventure, I noticed that I have posted a lot of cool views of Western Australia.

However what is missing – at least IMHO – is a bit more about those small towns we passed by on our trip. I just mentioned them in my comments, but how do they look like?

This is, why I´m planning to pause the major photo series – before heading over to the second part – and insert a short small-town-series first.

Check out on Flickr soon.

Besides the really amazing photo series about my Australian Adventure, I’ve learned many (sometimes rather strange) things about this huge and far-away country.

First, in ancient times Australia has been the major British prison camp.

Second, between 1901 and 1907 Western Australia build a rabbit fence, to protect itself from the huge rabbit population. This fence(s) streched about more than 3.000 km. You can finde more about the fence(s) here on Wikipedia.

Third, in 1932, Western Australia fought an Emu War – true and unbelievable! Australian Military was sent out to kill the immense population of Emus, which caused huge damage on wheat harvest. You can finde more about the Emu War here on Wikipedia.

Enjoy 😉

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