Pentax LX with SMC Pentax-A 2.8/28mm reused …

Last weekend I was on a short trip to Frankfurt and I wondered what camera to join me.

Soon it was clear that my Fuji X100s was the one to go … but I wanted to have someting more analog ;)

So it finally was my Pentax LX with a SMC Pentax-A 2.8/28mm lens who was coming along.

As I still had an opened roll of Agfa Vista 400 to complete (5 frames already shot in Ireland), I loaded that film and fired six frames.

As this was the first time to use the LX, I was curious, how this pretty baby would work – optically it is looking brand new.

Two days later … what to say … it was a pleasure handling that camera. The single point to complain was the on/off switch sitting around the shutter release button. As this switch is rotated to lock the shutter button, it is moving quite loose, so that one can accidentially move it by putting the camera in or out of the bag.

As we had two sunny days, I used mainly zone focussing at f/11 and Automatic Mode and it was … easy going.

The film is currently on processing and when back, I’ll post some pictures on my Flickr– or 500px-page.

Enjoy 😉

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