Pentax LX with SMC Pentax‑A 2.8/28mm reused …

Last week­end I was on a short trip to Frank­furt and I wondered what cam­era to join me.

Soon it was clear that my Fuji X100s was the one to go … but I wanted to have somet­ing more analog ;)

So it finally was my Pentax LX with a SMC Pentax‑A 2.8/28mm lens who was com­ing along.

As I still had an opened roll of Agfa Vista 400 to com­plete (5 frames already shot in Ire­land), I loaded that film and fired six frames.

As this was the first time to use the LX, I was curi­ous, how this pretty baby would work — optic­ally it is look­ing brand new.

Two days later … what to say … it was a pleas­ure hand­ling that cam­era. The single point to com­plain was the on/off switch sit­ting around the shut­ter release but­ton. As this switch is rotated to lock the shut­ter but­ton, it is mov­ing quite loose, so that one can acci­den­tially move it by put­ting the cam­era in or out of the bag.

As we had two sunny days, I used mainly zone focus­sing at f/11 and Auto­mat­ic Mode and it was … easy going.

The film is cur­rently on pro­cessing and when back, I’ll post some pic­tures on my Flickr- or 500px-page.

Enjoy 😉

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