Granada, an Andalusian Miracle

This time we made a trip to Granada, the beautiful old town in Andalus, Spain. As during summer time temperatures are quite high – around 40 °C, we choose March to start, as there temperature is still moderate – around 18 °C.

All images were made with my workhorse Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the wonderful M.Zuiko 2.8/7-14mm Pro lens, which gave that special width to all images.

Besides a beautiful old city with so many corners to discover, the world famous Alhambra is the main attraction which – besides its inner beauties – also gives tons of amazing views into the surrounding landscape.

This city is always worth a stay, but now let’s see some pictures …


Inner palace parts of the Alhambra


View from Alhambra down to Albaicin and Sacro Monte


Inner palace in the Alhambra


Palacio de Carlos V


Alcazaba in the Alhambra


View over the city onto the snow covered Sierra Nevada


The famous murals of Granada


View from Mirador San Nicolas to Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada


View from Albaicin to Alhambra and Sierra Nevada

That’s for the moment.


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So long … and thanks for all the fish.


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