Granada, an Andalusian Miracle

This time we made a trip to Granada, the beau­ti­ful old town in Andalus, Spain. As dur­ing sum­mer time tem­per­at­ures are quite high — around 40 °C, we choose March to start, as there tem­per­at­ure is still mod­er­ate — around 18 °C.

All images were made with my work­horse Olym­pus OM‑D E‑M1 and the won­der­ful M.Zuiko 2.8/7–14mm Pro lens, which gave that spe­cial width to all images.

Besides a beau­ti­ful old city with so many corners to dis­cov­er, the world fam­ous Alham­bra is the main attrac­tion which — besides its inner beau­ties — also gives tons of amaz­ing views into the sur­round­ing landscape.

This city is always worth a stay, but now let’s see some pictures …


Inner palace parts of the Alhambra


View from Alham­bra down to Albaicin and Sac­ro Monte


Inner palace in the Alhambra


Pala­cio de Car­los V


Alcazaba in the Alhambra


View over the city onto the snow covered Sierra Nevada


The fam­ous mur­als of Granada


View from Mirador San Nic­olas to Alham­bra and the Sierra Nevada


View from Albaicin to Alham­bra and Sierra Nevada

That’s for the moment.


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