The Calendar Files … 2020 … Südtirol — South Tyrol

Well, just to recap … we’ve reached 2020 and this is the cur­rent cal­ender — show­ing our trip to the South Tyr­ol region around Brix­en and the Plose.

The full image series is still to come … soon.


Detail in the Fran­zens­feste Fort­ress, built between 1833 and 1838 by the Aus­tri­an Emper­or Ferdin­and I


Hik­ing at the Plose


On our way to the fam­ous Herrensteige


Mid May — it was still quite cold and in the high­er regions still snow was around — nature was giv­ing its first try


Firmi­an — Schloss Sig­mund­sk­ron, one of the six museums of the MMM, the Mess­ner Moun­tain Museum, cre­ated and oper­ated by Rein­hold Messner


Nature’s first try mid May, while it was still quite cold


Highest point on the Herrensteige


Nature is so amaz­ing when try­ing out its full cre­at­ive power


Not to miss, even on a lone­some trail


Juval — anoth­er gem in the series of the Mess­ner Moun­tain Museums (MMM). In Juval, Rein­hold Mess­ner is stay­ing with his fam­ily half the year dur­ing sum­mer time.


Amaz­ing mood here in the South Tyr­ol Alps


A small lake and some snow fields, the Wacker­er See


Fran­zens­feste Fort­ress — the tun­nel con­nect­ing the main fort­ress and the upper fort­ress with its ~400 steps


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So long … and thanks for all the fish.

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