The Calendar Files … 2020 … Südtirol – South Tyrol

Well, just to recap … we’ve reached 2020 and this is the current calender – showing our trip to the South Tyrol region around Brixen and the Plose.

The full image series is still to come … soon.


Detail in the Franzensfeste Fortress, built between 1833 and 1838 by the Austrian Emperor Ferdinand I


Hiking at the Plose


On our way to the famous Herrensteige


Mid May – it was still quite cold and in the higher regions still snow was around – nature was giving its first try


Firmian – Schloss Sigmundskron, one of the six museums of the MMM, the Messner Mountain Museum, created and operated by Reinhold Messner


Nature’s first try mid May, while it was still quite cold


Highest point on the Herrensteige


Nature is so amazing when trying out its full creative power


Not to miss, even on a lonesome trail


Juval – another gem in the series of the Messner Mountain Museums (MMM). In Juval, Reinhold Messner is staying with his family half the year during summer time.


Amazing mood here in the South Tyrol Alps


A small lake and some snow fields, the Wackerer See


Franzensfeste Fortress – the tunnel connecting the main fortress and the upper fortress with its ~400 steps


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So long … and thanks for all the fish.

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