Irelands Southwest and West (Part 6) – The Digital Journey

Part 6 of our 2017 trip through Irleands Southwest and West. Following the earlier analog series, this part now covers the digital journey around Irelands Southwest and West and completes the series finally.

After arriving at Dublin Airport, we headed south to Kilkenny …

Here at Matt The Millers, I learned that the famous Kilkenny was no longer brewed in the town, but at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin – OMG.


Kilkenny Castle


Smithwick’s Brewery


Celtic Cross in Kilkenny


Cemetery around Cathedral Church of St Canice & Round Tower, Kilkenny


Rock of Cashel, Ireland


Around Muckross House and the Muckross Lake, Ireland


Around the Gap of Dunloe, Ireland


Around Valentia Island, Ireland


The Burren, Ireland


Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


Diamond Hill, Connemara, Ireland


Kylemore Abbey, Connemara, Ireland


Between Dog’s Bay and Gurteen Bay, Ireland


Derryclare Lough, Twelve Pines


Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin, Ireland


National Library, Dublin, Ireland


Molly Malone, Dublin, Ireland

That’s it. It was a rather quick flight through the treasures we saw during the two weeks journey through Ireland’s South West and West.

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So long … and thanks for all the fish.



  1. Nice pictures of a good tour. I think I used up at least one roll of TriX at St Canice and again at Rock of Cashel when I was there in 2019… One can’t turn around without ‘seeing’ something fascinating. In my opinion, so much more interesting that Dublin.

    1. Hi Bernard,
      thanks for stopping by :)
      I fully agree with you, that the countryside has so much more to give than Dublin.
      Even if I like the Irish colours – this country is made for black and white.

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