Contax G2 with a Carl Zeiss Biogon 2.8/28mm heading to Lake Constance

The Contax G2 – besides its sibling G1 – is named the culmination of rangefinder design.
The Carl Zeiss Biogon is said to be one of the best lenses. I’d like to see how things work.

Here is the body … the Contax G2

… and here is the lens … Carl Zeiss Biogon 2.8/28mm

This time I loaded a Kodak Ultramax 400 film which I never used before. So I’m curious what comes back from the lab and how it works compared to my usual Agfa Vista. The combination has to proof its capabilities on a trip to Lake Constance.

As I already made a short post about the sibling – the Contax G1 – I will not comment on the usual objections one can read across the web. Briefly, I do not see these objections.

Compared to the Contax G1, the Contax G2 is slightly larger and slightly heavier, which might be an issue for some. Having both in your hand, both feel very pleasing. If you don’t need the higher sophisticated autofocus on the G2, stay with the G1.

Its viewfinder is larger than on the Contax G1, which makes things easier … here we go.
As so often, I made black and white versions of my colour frames.

New vs Old

Street View



Lake Constance

Old Man and the Sea

Lake View

Wild World

Well, using this camera is pure joy – I shot aperture priority only. It fells in one’s hands quite natural, even if it’s a little bit larger than the Contax G1.

Handling is easy, as all knobs and knurls are working smooth as you’d expect it from a Contax. The shutter release button is quite sensitive when activating autofocus with a ‘half press’ – you have get used to it after wasting some frames. I guess it’s more like a slight touch and in case you dont like this, you can use the separate autofocus button on the rear side with your thumb.

Autofocus works perfect when you accept there is a single center AF field only. Too often people complain about, while I cannot find there’s anything wrong with it.

The lens – well – it simply works unobtrusive. The 28mm focal lenght is fine for me, as I tend to wider lenses in general. Aperture snaps smooth and there’s nothing more to do when using autofocus.

Overall, this package is something to keep and i’ll be shooting more with it.

In case you’d like to comment, it’s appreciated … and maybe, you want to visit my website or my flickr page too.

So long … and thanks for all the fish.



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