Contax G2 with a Carl Zeiss Biogon 2.8/28mm heading to Lake Constance

The Con­tax G2 — besides its sib­ling G1 — is named the cul­min­a­tion of rangefind­er design.
The Carl Zeiss Biogon is said to be one of the best lenses. I’d like to see how things work.

Here is the body … the Con­tax G2

… and here is the lens … Carl Zeiss Biogon 2.8/28mm

This time I loaded a Kodak Ultramax 400 film which I nev­er used before. So I’m curi­ous what comes back from the lab and how it works com­pared to my usu­al Agfa Vista. The com­bin­a­tion has to proof its cap­ab­il­it­ies on a trip to Lake Constance.

As I already made a short post about the sib­ling — the Con­tax G1 — I will not com­ment on the usu­al objec­tions one can read across the web. Briefly, I do not see these objections.

Com­pared to the Con­tax G1, the Con­tax G2 is slightly lar­ger and slightly heav­ier, which might be an issue for some. Hav­ing both in your hand, both feel very pleas­ing. If you don’t need the high­er soph­ist­ic­ated auto­fo­cus on the G2, stay with the G1.

Its view­find­er is lar­ger than on the Con­tax G1, which makes things easi­er … here we go.
As so often, I made black and white ver­sions of my col­our frames.

New vs Old

Street View



Lake Con­stance

Old Man and the Sea

Lake View

Wild World

Well, using this cam­era is pure joy — I shot aper­ture pri­or­ity only. It fells in one’s hands quite nat­ur­al, even if it’s a little bit lar­ger than the Con­tax G1.

Hand­ling is easy, as all knobs and knurls are work­ing smooth as you’d expect it from a Con­tax. The shut­ter release but­ton is quite sens­it­ive when activ­at­ing auto­fo­cus with a ‘half press’ — you have get used to it after wast­ing some frames. I guess it’s more like a slight touch and in case you dont like this, you can use the sep­ar­ate auto­fo­cus but­ton on the rear side with your thumb.

Auto­fo­cus works per­fect when you accept there is a single cen­ter AF field only. Too often people com­plain about, while I can­not find there’s any­thing wrong with it.

The lens — well — it simply works unob­trus­ive. The 28mm focal lenght is fine for me, as I tend to wider lenses in gen­er­al. Aper­ture snaps smooth and there’s noth­ing more to do when using autofocus.

Over­all, this pack­age is some­thing to keep and i’ll be shoot­ing more with it.

In case you’d like to com­ment, it’s appre­ci­ated … and maybe, you want to vis­it my web­site or my flickr page too.

So long … and thanks for all the fish.



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