The Calendar Files … 2021 … Crete

Oh man … just fin­ished 2021 and here we went down onto the beau­ti­ful island of Crete. Anoth­er cal­en­dar, where all images were made by me with either my Olym­pus OM-2n with her won­der­ful Zuiko Auto‑W 2.8/24mm lens or with my incred­ible Ricoh GR II (or an iPhone).

The full image series is still to come on flickr … soon.

Just as an eye-catch­er, here is the beauty from the old days. Ser­viced at the fam­ous OM-Labor in Frankfurt/Main in 2018. Work­ing like new.

… and now let’s go on to the cal­en­dar image-work.

On our way to the Pefki Gorge (Olym­pus OM-2n, Zuiko Auto‑W 2.8/24mm)

Our loc­a­tion near Iera­petra (iPhone)

Pefki Gorge with incred­ible light (Ricoh GR II)

Pefki (Ricoh GR II)

Pefki and its deli­cious Tav­ernas (Ricoh GR II)

Pefki flowers (Ricoh GR II)

Toplou Mon­as­tery, dated back to the 15th cen­tury (Ricoh GR II)

Ancient city of Itanos (Ricoh GR II)

Irak­lion (Ricoh GR II)

Head­ing to the Lasithi Plat­eau (Ricoh GR II)

An incred­ible deli­cious Tav­erna near Iera­petra (Olym­pus OM-2n, Zuiko Auto‑W 2.8/24mm)

The Lasithi Plat­eau with the Psychro Cave on the hori­zon, where Zeus was hid­den by his moth­er Rhea from his fath­er Cro­nus (Ricoh GR II)

Mochlos Island arche­olo­gic­al excav­a­tion site from around 3000 BC (Ricoh GR II)

That’s it for 2021.

In case you’d like to com­ment, it’s appre­ci­ated … and maybe, you want to vis­it my web­site or my flickr page too.

So long … and thanks for all the fish.

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