Australian Adventure IV – Melbourne

Coming to the final part of our tip to tne world’s end, we now entered Melbourne, a fascinating big city – Australia’s second largest. with nearly 10 times the size of Berlin (10000 km²:1000 km²) it hast around the same number of people living there – approx. 4.5 mio.

This city is so colourful and full of structures and forms, so that I still struggle about the type of series to show. On the one side, you can make a full b&w series with all the forms and structures and subtle tones and on the other side you can show the rich colours of that city.

Limiting oneself to one or the other would make the series more consistent – but would also not show the full picture. Driven by this, I’ll show either the one or the other or … both, as many views can be appealing in both styles.

Enjoy 😉

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