Australian Adventure IV — Melbourne

Com­ing to the final part of our tip to tne world’s end, we now entered Mel­bourne, a fas­cin­at­ing big city — Australia’s second largest. with nearly 10 times the size of Ber­lin (10000 km²:1000 km²) it hast around the same num­ber of people liv­ing there — approx. 4.5 mio.

This city is so col­our­ful and full of struc­tures and forms, so that I still struggle about the type of series to show. On the one side, you can make a full b&w series with all the forms and struc­tures and subtle tones and on the oth­er side you can show the rich col­ours of that city.

Lim­it­ing one­self to one or the oth­er would make the series more con­sist­ent — but would also not show the full pic­ture. Driv­en by this, I’ll show either the one or the oth­er or … both, as many views can be appeal­ing in both styles.

Enjoy 😉

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