Hiking the Waldnaabaue Tirschenreuth

Hav­ing a short break for Christ­mas in my Aus­trali­an Adven­ture series, before finally enter­ing the most cre­at­ive city in Aus­tralia — Melbourne.

Around Christ­mas I made a short trip to the the small town of Tirschen­reuth and its world fam­ous Wald­naabaue — a beau­ti­ful small nature reserve — in the Upper Palatinate.

In this pic­ture, I espe­cially like — besides the black&white — the sym­metry between the upper and the lower half. The quiet pond in the fore­ground sep­ar­ated by a curved line from the middle and the back­round, where this curved line flipped twice gives exactly the same proportion.

Dur­ing the past years, a hand­ful of archi­tec­tur­al high­lights have been put into this area of a mean­der­ing small river and a lot of fish ponds.

On our path, we found a Celt­ic Cross for hikers, a funny stair­way to heav­en, an art­ful win­ded bridge over a small river and a couple of oth­er pretty nice stuff.

Made curi­ous by Dan James from 35hunter about the small Ricoh cam­er­as and fas­cin­ated by his wonde­ful black&white images, I tried a Ricoh GR II. What shall I say — I was not dis­ap­poin­ted regard­ing its com­pact size, the amaz­ing lens and the qual­ity it pro­duces in com­bin­a­tion with the APS‑C sensor. I like this won­der­ful piece of cam­era technology.

Vis­it this lovely place in my Flickr album.

Enjoy 😉

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