Contax AX mirror slip …

Deja-vue … this time I had the same issue with my Contax AX as with my Contax RX some time ago.

The mirror has slipped down about 3-4 milimeters over time due to bad glue, loosing it’s adhesive quality over time.

Due to this, the mirror crashes onto the lens rear element and hangs in upper position.

I tried the same kind of repair and … let’s see how it works.

This brand was so expensive in it’s era … shame on you Contax for using such a poor glue.

Enjoy :)

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  1. It sure is frustrating when you discover poor quality aspects of an expensive piece of gear. Especially when you bought it new. I’m personally more forgiving when it happens to something I bought used, especially when I got a bargain on it.

    1. Thanks Jim, I know what you mean.
      I bought it used, but fully functioning.

      As long as no damage remains (by mirror hitting rear lens element) and as long as an “easy” repair is possible (where I do not really like working on such a hi-tech machine) all should be good.

  2. I found out after long years of buying, selling re-buying and re-selling cameras that it’s far more acceptable for a cheap camera to f… up on me than for a premium camera.

    Once I had my ‘new’ Ricoh GR1′ quit on me after only 5 rolls of film I quickly sold my Contax Tvs too….

    My Olymous XA2 still going strong, and if ever it will fail… well for 45 € I’ll get another one!

  3. Reinhold,

    thank you for the beautyful pictures!

    With the mirror slip, it might be more polite to believe, that at the time of manufacturiing the AX, the “glue”, in fact a transfer-ribbon, was thought of a very reliable fixation. Nevertheless, as only time could show, it is not…

    Alternative, more adhaesive glues where available. On the cost, that then a somehow dameged mirror could not be replaced….

    In comparison, think of the Si-coatings of engine-cylinders – no wear was the promis – in the end the Si-cristalls moved into the oil so destroying the bearings… OUTSCH!

    As time goes by also adhaesives got better and better…

    1. Norbert, thanks for commenting.
      True, one always has to see things in their time context.

      As Contax was a premium brand, one might rely on, that they tried to manufacture their products as industry-leading.

      Let’s see, how our technological gadgets of today will be rated in 20, 30, 40 or even more years from now.

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