Contax AX mirror slip …

Deja-vue … this time I had the same issue with my Con­tax AX as with my Con­tax RX some time ago.

The mir­ror has slipped down about 3–4 mili­meters over time due to bad glue, loos­ing it’s adhes­ive qual­ity over time.

Due to this, the mir­ror crashes onto the lens rear ele­ment and hangs in upper position.

I tried the same kind of repair and … let’s see how it works.

This brand was so expens­ive in it’s era … shame on you Con­tax for using such a poor glue.

Enjoy :)

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  1. It sure is frus­trat­ing when you dis­cov­er poor qual­ity aspects of an expens­ive piece of gear. Espe­cially when you bought it new. I’m per­son­ally more for­giv­ing when it hap­pens to some­thing I bought used, espe­cially when I got a bar­gain on it.

    1. Thanks Jim, I know what you mean.
      I bought it used, but fully functioning.

      As long as no dam­age remains (by mir­ror hit­ting rear lens ele­ment) and as long as an “easy” repair is pos­sible (where I do not really like work­ing on such a hi-tech machine) all should be good.

  2. I found out after long years of buy­ing, selling re-buy­ing and re-selling cam­er­as that it’s far more accept­able for a cheap cam­era to f… up on me than for a premi­um camera.

    Once I had my ’new’ Ricoh GR1’ quit on me after only 5 rolls of film I quickly sold my Con­tax Tvs too.…

    My Olymous XA2 still going strong, and if ever it will fail… well for 45 € I’ll get anoth­er one!

  3. Rein­hold,

    thank you for the beau­ty­ful pictures!

    With the mir­ror slip, it might be more polite to believe, that at the time of man­u­fac­turi­ing the AX, the “glue”, in fact a trans­fer-rib­bon, was thought of a very reli­able fix­a­tion. Nev­er­the­less, as only time could show, it is not…

    Altern­at­ive, more adhae­s­ive glues where avail­able. On the cost, that then a some­how dameged mir­ror could not be replaced.…

    In com­par­is­on, think of the Si-coat­ings of engine-cyl­in­ders — no wear was the promis — in the end the Si-cristalls moved into the oil so des­troy­ing the bear­ings… OUTSCH!

    As time goes by also adhae­s­ives got bet­ter and better…

    1. Norbert, thanks for commenting.
      True, one always has to see things in their time context.

      As Con­tax was a premi­um brand, one might rely on, that they tried to man­u­fac­ture their products as industry-leading.

      Let’s see, how our tech­no­lo­gic­al gad­gets of today will be rated in 20, 30, 40 or even more years from now.

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