Contax RX Mirror Slip …

Recently I had the issue with my Con­tax RX, when the mir­ror hit the lens’ rear part dur­ing sev­er­al exposures.

After invest­ig­at­ing on the web, I found this a com­mon issue with con­tax cam­er­as. The glue, fix­ing the mir­ror on the mir­ror car­ri­er, gets loose over the years. Thus, as the cam­era is usu­ally stand­ing upright and the mir­ror is then on a slope, the mir­ror drifts downwards.

I found a nice solu­tion on the web, using a hair dry­er and some superglue.

After heat­ing the mir­ror around a minute or so … very care­fully mov­ing the dry­er back and forth, as the cam­era gets quite hot … I could move the mir­ror back into it’s cor­rect position.

Finaly I put some super­glue onto the edge between mir­ror and mirror-carrier.

Up to now, it fits ;)

P.S. Full Story here on Digicam­club.



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