Australian Adventure

It’s time to launch a new short series.

Lasting nearly two years of postprocessing (just kidding), sorting, sorting and … sorting, I’m now about to put my Australian Adventure live on Flickr – check it out.

In November 2015 we started from Munich via Dubai to Perth – our first short rest on a new continent.

I’ve never been there before and had read lots of guides, but when approaching the Western-Australian shoreline by plane, it is an amazing view. Hours and hours, nothing else than the endless waters of the Indian Ocean. Then suddenly a line … a line from horizon to horizon … a straight line, which defines the coastline of Freemantle, just before approaching Perth.

Perth, a flat city with a clearly defined Central Business District, where some skyscrapers strive reaching the sky.

Around 1.5 Mio. people live in Perth on approx. 5500 km² – Wow.
Around 3.5 Mio people live in Berlin … on 900 km².

From Perth, we headed down south-east to Esperance, finding lots of places on our trip. Back to Perth, we jumped over to Melbourne for a short stop, before jumping down to Tasmania for another week, finally spending some very nice days back in Melbourne. At least some of our impressions you can see in the Flickr photo-story.

Enjoy ;)

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