Australian Adventure

It’s time to launch a new short series.

Last­ing nearly two years of post­pro­cessing (just kid­ding), sort­ing, sort­ing and … sort­ing, I’m now about to put my Aus­trali­an Adven­ture live on Flickr — check it out.

In Novem­ber 2015 we star­ted from Munich via Dubai to Perth — our first short rest on a new continent.

I’ve nev­er been there before and had read lots of guides, but when approach­ing the West­ern-Aus­trali­an shoreline by plane, it is an amaz­ing view. Hours and hours, noth­ing else than the end­less waters of the Indi­an Ocean. Then sud­denly a line … a line from hori­zon to hori­zon … a straight line, which defines the coast­line of Free­mantle, just before approach­ing Perth.

Perth, a flat city with a clearly defined Cent­ral Busi­ness Dis­trict, where some sky­scrapers strive reach­ing the sky.

Around 1.5 Mio. people live in Perth on approx. 5500 km² — Wow.
Around 3.5 Mio people live in Ber­lin … on 900 km².

From Perth, we headed down south-east to Esper­ance, find­ing lots of places on our trip. Back to Perth, we jumped over to Mel­bourne for a short stop, before jump­ing down to Tas­mania for anoth­er week, finally spend­ing some very nice days back in Mel­bourne. At least some of our impres­sions you can see in the Flickr photo-story.

Enjoy ;)

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