The Beauty and the Beast …

Some time ago I pos­ted an image of two beau­ti­ful cam­er­as — the Can­on EOS 3 vs the Can­on EOS 5D.

Without all fur­ther com­ments, these two cams are beau­ti­ful tools from two dif­fer­ent worlds — one ana­log and one digit­al. So sim­il­ar on one side and so dif­fer­ent on the oth­er side.

Some time later, I found anoth­er pair, this time both from the ana­log era. A Con­tax Aria vs a Con­tax AX.

But … also this beau­ti­ful pair comes from two dif­fer­ent worlds.

One has a pure manu­al focus, the oth­er is the one and only example of a SLR with auto­fo­cus on (all) manu­al lenses.

Enjoy :)

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