The Calendar Files … 2017 … Australia

Well, just to recap … we’ve now reached 2017 and we are in Australia this time!

A once in a lifetime trip around South-Western Australia, Tasmania and … finally Melbourne. We carefully selected our route to avoid the overcrowded eastern part of this continent. A full series of this trip can be seen on my tiny blog starting here.

But now, let’s start with the calendar files …

On the road again …


Flinders Street Station Melbourne, VIC
There is a story going, that the construction parts of this railway station have been mixed up with the one from the Mumbai Railway Station, built at the same time.


Looking onto the Southern Ocean – next stop Antarctica


Monarch Cakes in St. Kilda / Melbourne, VIC


Boranup Forest, WA


Melbourne, St. Kilda Beach colourful small houses, VIC


Wave Rock near Hayden, WA


Dinosaur Rock on Twighlight Beach, WA


Kangaroo on Lucky Bay, WA


Elephant Rock, WA


Murals in Melbourne, VIC


Home of Cascade Brewery in Hobart, TAS


View over Yarra River onto CBD, Melbourne, VIC


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So long … and thanks for all the fish.

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