Olympus OM-4Ti and Ricoh GR II

After having back the Olympus OM-4Ti from repair, I took it on a short trip to Frankfurt. Equipped with a Zuiko Auto-T 2.8/100mm and loaded with an Agfa Vista 200, I was keen to see, if the problem has been cured at the OM-Doktor in Hamburg.


… and here the right lens.


We had two full days – one in Frankfurt and the other in Mainz – and besides the Olympus OM-4Ti, an iPhone 6s and the highly respected Ricoh GR II were on board. Olympus OM-4Ti was used in Frankfurt, the Ricoh GR II was used in Mainz.

First of all, why did I use the OM-4Ti only in Frankfurt but not in Mainz … it’s because the lens appeared to have a slightly bent aperture pin, which prohibited the OM-4Ti’s aperture simulator to work at the end of the first day. So sad! In the meantime I have repaired this (thanks to a phone call with the OM-Doktor), but on the second day in Mainz I’d better switched to my Ricoh GR II.

Second, my impression on the OM-4Ti is twofold.

On the one side I’m massively impressed.

  • it worked flawless after repaired by the OM-Doktor in Hamburg
  • the  technical specifications of the camera are superb
  • the size and weight are pretty stunning – one of the smallest and most lightweight (professional) SLR bodies
  • it simply rugged
  • the viewfinder is large, bright and clear
  • and so on …

On the other side, I do not really get warm with this body (taking into consideration also the OM-2sp I used during my trip to South-Tirol, which shares the same body and very similar control layout). Unfortunately I cannot name the reason for – it’s somehow a feeling only. Compared to a Contax 139 or even more a Contax 159, it simply does not feel like it fits in the hand.

Flaws … maybe some.
It has no on/off switch, which always makes it possible to release the shutter accidentally when cocked. A second one, it’s meter cannot be switched off. It shuts off after some seconds automatically (15s if I remember right), but when touching the shutter button (even by accident), it starts again – which might drain the battery. You have to switch the aperture to “B” or the emergency manual “1/60”, this deactivates all electronics, just to be sure when placing it in the bag. However this also makes it not a quick startup camera out of the bag.

I think I will have to use it a little bit longer, as the whole world praises the OM-line and so it must be me.

I have uploaded two albums, one is the Agfa Vista 200 colour version and another is a b/w version.

The Ricoh GR II is a whole different story.
I use it more frequently as my everyday camera and so I get used to it more and more. Besides the fact that I felt immediately familiar with it from the first day, it impresses me every time I use it. I’ll I add some pictures from the Ricoh GR II in my Frankfurt trip album on Flickr.
Here too, a colour version and a b&w version exist.

This time I also tried some street shots using the snap-focus, where the AF gets  prefocused on a defined distance. This avoids having to focus when hitting the shutter button and you can hold the camera with one hand on arm length without looking on the monitor. Totally unobtrusive. All pictures were crappy and … I have still to practice that way of shooting.

In case you’d like to comment, it’s appreciated … and maybe, you want to visit my website or my flickr page too.

So long … and thanks for all the fish

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