Olympus OM-4Ti with Olympus G.Zuiko Auto-W 2.8/35mm

Well, this time I planned taking the Olympus OM-4Ti with me in on a hiking trip to South-Tirol – besides my workhorse, the Olympus OM-D E-M1. Planned it and prepared it and … while testing if finally everything works fine … the OM-4Ti refused to fire.


Olympus OM-4Ti with G.Zuiko Auto-S 1.4/50mm (yep, not the correct lens)

Olympus G.Zuiko Auto-W 2.8/35mm

Batteries changed, reading the manual, searching the web … nothing worked and I finally had to accept that this beautiful wunderwerk will not go with me.

So here I can close this short post, as this combo will not be in the focus this time. I searched on the web for a repair shop in Germany and found the legendary OM-Doktor in Hamburg. Long story short … parcel is on it’s way to repair this camera.

What to do now?
Grabbing another OM out of the camera case – this time an OM-2 spot/program. But this is another story.

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    1. Hi Walker, I hope so, even if it’s now a OM-2sp ;)
      The OM 4Ti is already on its way back from the repair shop.

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