The Calendar Files … 2019 … Ireland

Well, just to recap … we’re in 2019 and we are vis­it­ing Ire­land this time dur­ing a trip around the its South-West. Enjoy! The full series can be found here. Streets of Dub­lin   Kilkenny   The Bur­ren   Near Gal­larus Oratory, Kil­malke­dar, Ire­land   Around Muck­ross House and the Muck­ross Lake, Ire­land   Trin­ity…… Con­tin­ue read­ing The Cal­en­dar Files … 2019 … Ireland

Irelands Southwest and West (Part 5)

Part 5 of our 2017 trip through Irleands South­w­est and West. Com­ing to the final (ana­log) part of our tour which leads us from Con­nemara back to Dub­lin. Leav­ing won­der­ful Con­nemara and the County Gal­way … … and enter­ing Dub­lin — what a con­trast. Hav­ing some nice food … … and walk­ing over the Ha’­Penny…… Con­tin­ue read­ing Ire­lands South­w­est and West (Part 5)

A Nikon F‑301 travelling Ireland

Over­ture Mid 2017 we made a two week trip through Ire­land. Motiv­ated by Jim Grey from Down the Road who made sev­er­al won­der­ful posts about his jour­ney in 2016, I tried to get hands on an old ana­log Nikon F‑301 cam­era with a 35mm lens attached. I packed five rolls of Agfa Vista 400 to…… Con­tin­ue read­ing A Nikon F‑301 trav­el­ling Ireland