The Beauty and the Beast VI

This time I’ll show three of a kind – three extraordinary Twin Lens Reflex cameras – in my tiny series about a beauty and a beast. Well, guess who’s the beauty and who’s the beast.

On the left side of the ring there is the
Mamiya C330 Professional f
Viewing Lens: Mamiya-Sekor 2.8/80mm
Taking Lens: Mamiya-Sekor 2.8/80mm
It is the ultra professional and most versatile workshorse. Built like a tank.
No light meter, but interchangeable lenses and a minimum focussing distance which allows nearly 1:1 reproduction ratio.

On the right side of the ring there is the
Yashica Mat 124G
Viewing Lens: Yashinon 2.8/80mm
Taking Lens: : Yashinon 3.5/80mm
It is a Japanese copy of the original Rolleiflex – in size, in its handling and its look.
Light meter included.

Inbetween them both there is sitting the legend – the master of a class.
Rolleiflex 2.8f
Viewing Lens: Heidosmat 2.8/80mm
Taking Lens: Zeiss Planar 2.8/80mm
Setting the standard for a whole class of cameras – the Twin Lens Reflex aka TLR.
Light meter included.

Just to mention, images were taken with an OM-D E-M1 and the fabulous M.Zuiko 2.8/60mm Macro Lens.

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So long … and thanks for all the fish.

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