The Beauty and the Beast IV

In my from-time-to-time-mini-series about cam­era vari­ants of ‘The Beauty and the Beast’, this time I made a cof­fee break on a hot sum­mer day in  my Home­land and put two won­der­ful cam­er­as side by side. A Voigtländer Bessa R, armed with a Voigtländer Col­or-Sko­par 2.5/35mm lens and a Fuji X100s with its fixed lens, the Fujinon Super EBC 2/23mm.

The Voigtländer Bessa R from 2000 is a full manu­al ana­log film rangefind­er, using its bat­tery for the expos­ure meter only. Tech­nic­al specs and loads of reviews are avail­able on the web, so I don’t repeat it here. This Bessa cam­era line from Cos­ina was an attempt to deliv­er afford­able rangefind­er-style cam­er­as to the audi­ence from 1999 on.

The Fuji X100s from 2013, as all cam­er­as in the X100 line, is Fuji’s suc­cess­ful retro attempt to bring back manu­al con­trols and the visu­al rep­lica of the legendary rangefind­er era. An APS‑C size X‑Trans sensor, fully digit­al, with all the auto­mat­ic-modes one might need and all this packed in a body resem­bling the Leica M style.

So it’s all going down to ana­log vs digit­al and fully manu­al vs fully auto­mated. Shoot­ing both of them is a pure pleas­ure and this time I’ve no clue which is to be named the beauty and which the beast. So what, let’s have a cup of cof­fee and enjoy the haptic­al and visu­al impressions.

Do you have pairs of cam­er­as which you’d call ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ too?

In case you’d like to com­ment, it’s appre­ci­ated … and maybe, you want to vis­it my web­site or my flickr page too.

So long … and thanks for all the fish.


    1. Hi Frank, thanks for stop­ping by.
      I like your post and its a nice com­par­i­sion of two Can­on land­marks IMHO.
      I had the same start­ing issue (afford­ab­il­ity) regard­ing the A‑1 and I landed at Minolta’s X‑700 in the old days.
      Last year I ful­filled my young-boys dream and got a mint A‑1, where­as my first ses­sions using it left me with mixed impressions.
      Regard­ing the T90, so far I nev­er reached out for the tank — as it’s really ugly.

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