A Yashica T5 sailing the IJsselmeer

In sum­mer 2017 we chartered a boat, a 24m long tjalk, to sail the IJs­sel­meer and Mark­er­meer for a week. The Vrouw Dina — that’s the boat’s name — was com­manded  by two skip­pers — Simi and Daniel — and we acted as their ama­teur­ish part time crew.

I choose my old Yash­ica T5 to come with me … loaded with Agfa Vista 200. Reas­ons for choos­ing the Yash­ica T5 were that it’s water­proof — to a cer­tain degree, that it’s small — it fits in a pock­et and that it’s fully auto­mat­ic — per­fect if you have not much time to fiddle around with set­tings Sure, I had my work­horse — guess what — with me, but this time there was no use for it, as the Yasi­h­ica T5 did a very good job and the rest was shot with an iPhone. All images from the film can be found here.

We star­ted from Enkhuizen, get­ting a first brief­ing on-board the boat. After load­ing our lug­gage, we star­ted our first tour to Hoo­rn. The small town, foun­ded in 716, was name-giv­ing for one of the most fam­ous loc­a­tions on earth — Cape Horn. Willem Schouten, who circled it in 1616, named the south­ern­most part of the Amer­icas after its birthplace.

Dur­ing Holland’s Golden Age between 1602 and 1799, when it became a glor­i­ous sea­farer and trade empire, Hoo­rn was an import­ant home base of the Dutch East India Com­pany (VOC), one of the first mul­tina­tion­al cor­por­a­tions, issu­ing bonds and shares of stock to the gen­er­al public.

On we go from Hoo­rn to Monnikendam.

… and fur­ther we go from Mon­nik­endam to Marken … and fur­ther on to Medemblik.

On our way to Lemmer …

… and back to Enkhuizen.

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So long … and thanks for all the fish.

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