Sevilla, when it’s still cold at home — Part 6

Walk­ing through town, where it’s always worth mak­ing a pic­ture … or two. Same in the old World’s Fair area, where the EXPO ’92 was hos­ted and where so many nice spots were left behind.

Con­trary to Lis­bon (EXPO ’98) in Seville no one seems to be proud of this area and what has been built. No one recom­men­ded a bike tour through this area, while it’s only a short ride off the town centre .. they did not even men­tion it worth a vis­it when we asked.

The Puente del Ala­millo is anoth­er high­light of archi­tec­ture in Seville with a mighty pylon.

On our way back to town centre … always keep an eye open.

And now .. the Cated­ral de Sevilla with its Gir­alda tower was built between 1434 and 1506. It based on an ancient Almo­had mosque from 1172 to 1248 and — after recon­quista — a Chris­ti­an­ized mosque between 1248 and 1434.  The 105m Gir­alda bell tower was the former min­aret of the Almo­had mosque.

The Tomb of Chris­toph­er Columbus.

The Gir­alda Tower.

View from Gir­alda tower — in the back­ground Iglesia Cole­gi­al del Sal­vador, Puente del Ala­millo and Met­ro­pol Parasol.

Next to come … Plaza de Espagna

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So long … and thanks for all the fish.

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