Photographers Christmas Dream

Com­ing back from a short trip to Nürn­berg, I also had time for a stay on the Nürn­ber­ger Christ­kindles­markt … and it’s world-fam­ous Schasch­lik booth (pic­tures later, when the film has been pro­cessed). Found there an amaz­ing old photo shop with some nice Pho­to­graph­ers Christ­mas Dream. As it was Sunday, the shop was closed …… Con­tin­ue read­ing Pho­to­graph­ers Christ­mas DreamRead the rest

Sevilla, when it’s still cold at home — Part 7

The Plaza de Espana in the Parque de Maria Luisa was built for the Ibero-Amer­ic­an Expos­i­tion of 1929. The build­ings at Plaza de Espana form a huge half-circle rep­res­ent­ing the four ancient king­doms of Spain. Parque de Maria Luisa offers some nice views includ­ing numer­ous build­ings, built for the Ibero-Amer­ic­an Expos­i­tion. Monte Gurugú. Pabellón Real.… Con­tin­ue read­ing Sevilla, when it’s Read the rest

Sevilla, when it’s still cold at home — Part 6

Walk­ing through town, where it’s always worth mak­ing a pic­ture … or two. Same in the old World’s Fair area, where the EXPO ’92 was hos­ted and where so many nice spots were left behind. Con­trary to Lis­bon (EXPO ’98) in Seville no one seems to be proud of this area and what has been… Con­tin­ue read­ing Sevilla, when Read the rest