Sevilla, when it’s still cold at home — Part 4

Bull­fight­ing is still a cul­tur­al high­light in this part of spain — wheth­er you like it or not. The Placa de Tor­os is worth vis­it­ing nev­er­the­less — even out­side the season.

A won­der­ful span­ish mar­ket can be found at the Mer­cado de Tri­ana — its one of the old­est mar­kets in town opened 1823, built on the rem­nants of the Castel San Jorge dated back to 1481 and its Arab ori­gin from 1171.

Next to come … Real Alcazar.

As so many times before, I made two albums, one in col­our and one in black and white, as both show their spe­cial mood.
In case you’d like to com­ment, it’s appre­ci­ated … and maybe, you want to vis­it my web­site or my flickr page too.

So long … and thanks for all the fish.


    1. Wow, … ähm … thank you Jim ;)
      Hope you’re doing well dur­ing your break!

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