Prague w/ a Contax 159MM

Spending a day in December in Prague, that town famous for its light, its mood and its old architecture. This time I choose a Contax 159MM to come along with me.

As we only had one day, it felt like speed dating with this town. As it was end of the year, it was ugly cold here. So we decided to visit the main attractions like the Hradschin with the castle, the cathedral, the Golden Alley then down to the Charles Bridge, the old town and then use the rest of the day strolling around and enjoying the atmosphere. Cold, sunny and a lot of people around.

Unfortunately, my Contax 159MM seemed to have a light leak … showing on all images. Nevertheless, the pictures taken have their own charm. I repaired the leak in the meantime and the camera is awaiting its next run. All images can be found in my flickr album.

Do I have something to say about this beautiful camera?

Well, the whole technical stuff can be found on my website and numerous reviews can be seen on the internet – I listed some on my website too, so there is no necessity to repeat it here.

Indeed … picking up this little gem, it immediately falls into hand. I have rarely used a camera with which I felt so familiar with from the first contact. Compared to the older Contax 139 Quartz – besides some improved technical stuff – it has a slightly protruding handgrip, which simply feels comfortable and the metering is activated by half-pressing the shutter button. A dedicated on/off switch, faster min. shutter speed, program mode (with all Zeiss MM lenses) and a bright, clear and huge viewfinder are some other niceties. Sizewise, it plays in the league of the OM-1, so you do not need to worry about first booking a gym.

My conclusion: The Contax 159 MM is one of the best cameras I ever had in my hands. This little gem thrills.

Maybe you’re asking, how I found my way to these Contax gems?
There is one, who inspired me with the Contax Virus – its Dan James with his wonderful blog 35hunter. One can find loads of appreciations for these technological miracles.

In case you’d like to comment, it’s appreciated … and maybe, you want to visit my website or my flickr page too.

So long … and thanks for all the fish.


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