Contax 139 Quartz and … the rise of the Phoenix

I thought it might be a good idea, to tell the story of  a Con­tax 139 Quartz being dressed in a new leath­er cov­er. Here is how the hid­den beauty — Con­tax 139 Quartz — looks like before treatment …

Front Cov­er
Back Cov­er
Left Front Cover
Right Front Cover

And now let’s start with some beautification ;)

There are some resources on the web where you can find new cov­ers — one of them is Mor­gan Sparks from

Mor­gan offers loads of stuff fit­ting per­fectly for a whole bunch of cam­era types. Deliv­ery from the US works flaw­less … per­fect service!

The cov­er for my Con­tax 139 Quartz is about $19.50 plus ship­ping and it’s worth it. My first two Con­tax 139 are real beau­ties now.

You can find an excel­lent how-to on his web page for both meth­ods — dry and wet.

Step 1: Remove old cover
As one knows, Con­tax used real leath­er for its old SLR. Unfor­tu­nately this cov­er det­or­i­ated over time and what remains is quite ugly.

Before we can apply the new cov­er, the old one needs to be removed com­pletely. Some­times the old cov­er can be pulled off quite eas­ily … let’s see … ups, this time it was quite a dirty job and I used some stain remover.

I use a brand from East Ger­many called Nuth … the best I found for a lot of clean­ing purpose.

After remov­ing the old cov­er, take some clean­ing alco­hol and clean the cam­era sur­face care­fully so that no dirt or fat (from the fin­gers) remains.

Step 2: Apply the parts
There are three parts pre-cut — the back, the left front and the right front.

The cov­er has a top side and an — very adhes­ive — back side. DO NOT TOUCH THE ADHESIVE SIDE — as this might ruin its cap­ab­il­ity to adhere!!!

So let’s start with … the back. First pull the part off from the sheet and put it with the front side on a tablet.

Pre­pare a small cup with water, add a drop (!) of deter­gent — see hint on Mor­gans’ webpage .

Now take a small brush and put some water on the adhes­ive side — this will reduce adhe­sion until the water evaporates.

Next, take up the part care­fully and apply it onto to the cam­era. As long as it is wet, you can slightly move it to cor­rect its pos­i­tion until it fits.

Care­fully apply some pres­sure to the cov­er by smooting.
Now do the same for the oth­er cov­er parts.

Step 3: Have fun
The final res­ult should look like this.

Back Cov­er
Front Cov­er

Now … I’m keen to load a first film into that beauty.

Enjoy 😉

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