New Kids on the Contax/Yashica Block …

Some new kids arrived today to play with.

First – and hopefully the last of the kids – is a Contax Aria.

Second – trying to complete the C/Y lens lineup – are three Yashica ML kids. One is the Yashica ML 2.8/35mm – one of my favorite focal lenghts.

Yashica ML 2.8/35mm

Another one is the Yashica ML 2.8/24mm – a highly regardes lens.

Yashica ML 2.8/24mm

And the last one is a Yashica ML 3.5/21mm lens – the predecessor of the legendary and highly expensive Zeiss 21mm lens.

Yashica ML 3.5/21mm

Hope, that soon I’ll have time to push a roll of film through the Aria with each of the new kids.

Enjoy 😉

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