Olympus OM‑2 spot/program and Olympus OM Zuiko Auto‑W 2.8/28mm arrived …

Today I got a new box with two nice tools included.

An Olym­pus OM‑2 spot/program to com­plete my OM range and an Olym­pus OM Zuiko Auto‑W 2.8/28mm to com­plete my OM Zuiko lens range.

The next weeks a roll of film will find its way into that nice little body. I’m just look­ing after my Yash­ica Mat 124G to shoot a roll and then this beauty can go through the par­cour. The 28mm lens is one of my pre­ferred focal lenghts.

As soon as ready, I’ll post some pics on my Flickr– or 500px-page.

Enjoy 😉

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