The Calendar Files … 2018 … Melbourne Murals

Well, just to recap … now we’ve reached 2018 and we are in Melbourne!

This time I made two cal­en­dars. One is a col­lec­tion of mur­als from Mel­bourne shot by my daugh­ter. Mel­bourne, to me the most impress­ive city in Aus­tralia — besides Perth —  and a city world fam­ous for its cre­at­ive mood, its art and its … mur­als. … Read the rest

The Calendar Files … 2017 … Australia

Well, just to recap … we’ve now reached 2017 and we are in Aus­tralia this time!

A once in a life­time trip around South-West­ern Aus­tralia, Tas­mania and … finally Mel­bourne. We care­fully selec­ted our route to avoid the over­crowded east­ern part of this con­tin­ent. A full series of this trip can be seen on my tiny blog start­ing here.

But … Read the rest