Entering Soviet Territory …

Today a new era has begun.

Besides the Ger­man and Japan­ese gear, I decided to make first small steps in Soviet Territory.

As I already own some M42 lenses, what would be bet­ter than a Zen­it M42 cam­era — in my case a Zen­it TTL was the winner.


For the pic I attached my Helios 44M‑7 lens, which might … Read the rest

New Kids on the Contax/Yashica Block …

Some new kids arrived today to play with.

First — and hope­fully the last of the kids — is a Con­tax Aria.

Second — try­ing to com­plete the C/Y lens lineup — are three Yash­ica ML kids. One is the Yash­ica ML 2.8/35mm — one of my favor­ite focal lenghts.

Yashica ML 2.8/35mm

Anoth­er one is the Yash­ica ML 2.8/24mm — a highly regardes lens.… Read the rest

Firenze …

Just came about an old album from a vis­it in Italy, when search­ing for some stuff.

In 2006 I spent an amaz­ing week in the beau­ti­ful town of Firen­ze in the Toscana.

With me I had my good old Can­on EOS 10D, which dur­ing all the years delivered really fine pics ;)

On our way down south we all­ways make a stop … Read the rest