Olympus OM‑2 spot/program and Olympus OM Zuiko Auto‑W 2.8/28mm arrived …

Today I got a new box with two nice tools included.

An Olym­pus OM‑2 spot/program to com­plete my OM range and an Olym­pus OM Zuiko Auto‑W 2.8/28mm to com­plete my OM Zuiko lens range.

The next weeks a roll of film will find its way into that nice little body. I’m just look­ing after my Yash­ica Mat 124G to shoot … Read the rest

Blossom Impressions …

The last days I had some fun in the garden, as lots of flowers are giv­ing their very best to make this time an amaz­ing col­our­ful one. I was lucky shoot­ing three cameras/lens combinations.

Echin­acea / Sonnen­hut, shot with Pentax LX, Pentax‑A SMC 2.8/28mm, Agfa Vista 400.

Anemone hupe­hen­sis / Herbst-Anemone shot with Fuji X100s with the nice 2.0/23mm onboard … Read the rest

Pentax LX with SMC Pentax‑A 2.8/28mm reused …

Last week­end I was on a short trip to Frank­furt and I wondered what cam­era to join me.

Soon it was clear that my Fuji X100s was the one to go … but I wanted to have somet­ing more analog ;)

So it finally was my Pentax LX with a SMC Pentax‑A 2.8/28mm lens who was com­ing along.

As I still had an … Read the rest